Swiss referendum  approves covid passport

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Swiss citizens approved on Sunday in a referendum the mandatory nature of the covid passport by a clear majority of 62%, according to the projection prepared by the GFS institute in Bern and collected by the SwissInfo news portal.

This support contrasts with the protests against the health pass in recent months in different Swiss cities so that during the voting day security measures have been extreme.

Thus, the authorities have prohibited access to the Federal Square in Bern after the convocation of an unauthorized concentration to avoid possible disturbances.

The Swiss covid passport is a printed or electronic document that certifies that the person who possesses it has been fully vaccinated against covid-19, has been cured, or has tested negative.

The document is also mandatory to enter a restaurant, attend large events with more than 1,000 people or participate in sports or cultural activities with more than 30 people.

Those who reject the certificate denounce that the part of the population that does not have it is marginalized.

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The Trump legacy is that any election outcome his followers don't like is presumed to be the result of fraud, without evidence.

1 month ago

The Swiss use the referendum system for all laws and are perfectly capable of handling that arrangement. There are multi million claims out there concerning those that claim Dominion systems are capable of manipulation so be careful with that assertion . Even Fox has backtracked on that one .

1 month ago

“Voting day security measures have been extreme”? To the point of refusing access to voting machines? That oughta do it!

1 month ago
Oh ya

And Dominion voting systems wants to thank you for using their systems

1 month ago
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