President José Raúl Mulino and Argentina President Javier Gerardo Milei

936Views 0Comments Posted 09/07/2024

President José Raúl Mulino posted on his X account a call he received this Tuesday from his Argentine counterpart where they discussed various topics, including the challenges he will face in his administration.  In the video, Milei is heard congratulating him and wishing him the best in the midst of the great challenges he must face.  “I really appreciate your call, it is very important for us, especially considering the change you have made in Argentine politics,” said Mulino. He added that the change that Milei has made to Argentine politics is of the utmost importance, since according to Mulino, it has a lot in common with the change that must be made in the country to stop corruption and the previous party of millions that has left Panama with a debt of $50 billion dollars.  Milei replied that he should tell the people what he received and when he makes the adjustments the population will follow him. “That is what I could tell you from my experience,” he said.


Mulino also said that he has been following the Argentine president's speech very closely.  "I don't have the capacity to pass a law like the one you passed, but I would have loved to, however, on the operational side I do have to collect a lot of money that is thrown away here every day," Mulino said in his call with Milei.  Faced with this position, Milei advised him to always speak the truth to Panamanians from day one.  "If you don't do it, reality will take you down. It's a false dilemma, because if you don't adjust, it will end badly," Milei recommended.   Ending the call, Mulino assured Milei that he would name a top-level ambassador in Argentina who was very close to him.