Panama praised for exemplary  work on migration

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In the closing event of a 23-nation conference on international migration, Panama was singled out by regional authorities for what was described as exemplary the work that the country has been executing in the matter of migratory security in relation to the biometric registry.

Among the objectives of the meeting was the promotion of greater collaboration between the countries of both mechanisms to address collective challenges related to migration governance, to address irregular flows and extra-regional migration and share good practices in the management and identify the next concrete steps to jointly address these problems with respect for the human rights of migrants, in the spirit of cooperation.

In addition, they highlighted the collaboration between the actors related to migration, taking into account the current challenge that the pandemic implies for the countries.

Recommendations were also made, such as a dialogue to implement joint actions to address irregular migration, promote the implementation of additional avenues

for regular migration, and strengthen the exchange of information in order to combat illicit trafficking and human trafficking and facilitate access to asylum and international protection systems for migrants who require it, and identify mechanisms for integration and combat xenophobia.

Panama will continue to articulate efforts to favor a solution that favors, above all, the safety of people and with it, the security of the countries and their borders, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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