Man who paid for failed invasion of Venezuela resigns

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Venezuelan political strategist Juan José Rendón resigned his position on Monday, May 11 in the team of opposition leader  Juan Guaidó after admitting that he signed an agreement with the Miami  military contractor Silvercorp and that he paid $ 50,000 for an attack that ended with  the arrest of several government officials and two former US green berets.,

 Similarly, deputy Sergio Vergara whose signature also appears in the contract with Silvercorp resigned from his position,  worked in the "legitimate government" of Guaidó, as he calls himself, according to a brief statement from the National Communication Center ( CNC) of the opposition leader.

JJ Rendón, as the political strategist currently living in the US is known, acknowledged the signature in an interview with CNN in Spanish, but said that it was "a preliminary agreement that did not become effective" because finally They did not give the green light and denied that Guaidó signed the document.

As a result of the attack, carried out a week ago in two maritime raids and in which Silvercorp participated, at least eight people died and 45 more were detained, including US citizens Luke Denman and Airan Berry, who work for the military contractor.

The ex-advisers support Guaidó According to the statement released  Monday, Rendón, and Vergara "ratified their support for the democratic cause."

They also ratified their recognition of Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela, as fifty countries have done.

They called on all national and international sectors to strengthen support for the interim president and the need to form a National Emergency Government as the only real way to save Venezuela from an unprecedented catastrophe.".

In his resignation letter, published on social networks, Vergara says that the only thing he did was assume "the exploration of all possible scenarios" to achieve "the long-awaited change" of the Government in Venezuela.

For this reason, he recalled the phrase "all options are on the table", spoken by Guaidó and which JJ Rendón considers that "it was not a mere phrase to impact headlines", but implied "the precise assessment of the necessary conditions to achieve the change that allowed exploring scenarios that would result in the expected change

Venezuela claims a plot to assassinate President Maduro.

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Venezuela should be left alone. it will serve as an ongoing lesson for the next 100 years on what Socialism looks like. The USA putting a big bounty on Maduro's head was sure to bring out wanna be mercenaries.

22 days ago
Oh ya

So GI JOE found out the real world is not like the stories in the Soldier of Fortune magazine

22 days ago
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