Is the world ready for a second Trump presidency?

1,390Views 0Comments Posted 27/11/2023

 Impeached twice and indicted four times, Donald Trump initially appeared doomed to fail in his second bid for the White House.

Yet with latest polling suggests his popularity is growing. The return of President Trump is looking more likely writes The Week. Should that happen, leading lawyers warned in The New York Times, the "pillars" of the US system of governance will face increasing "peril".

 New polling shows Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden, raising the Specter of a second term for the Republican that could have widespread consequences across the globe.

Trump is facing 91 charges in four criminal cases, has been impeached twice, and left his presidential office "under ignominious circumstances after his supporters violently stormed the Capitol, egged on by his claims of a stolen election", said The Hill.

And yet recent polling, including those by NBC News, Yahoo News/YouGov, and Quinnipiac University, shows Trump ahead of Biden in key battleground states and nationally.

While there is no guarantee that Trump will win the Republican nomination for the 2024 election, the US – and the world – is waking up to th