Haley attacks Trump for sabotaging immigration negotiations

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Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, criticized former President Donald Trump on Sunday for trying to sabotage negotiations in Congress to change the asylum system and strengthen the border.

”The last thing Trump should say is that we have to wait until after the election to approve a border agreement. "We can't wait another day," Haley said during an interview on NBC .

For weeks, Democratic and Republican senators have been negotiating an immigration bill that would include many of the conservatives' requests to make it easier to deport migrants and hinder asylum applications.

The text of the legislative project is not yet public, but senators have said they hope to release it within the next week.


The Senate, under Democratic control, has shown itself willing to approve the project and the US president, Joe Biden, has said that he would be willing to sign it. However, the Republicans in the Lower House, where they hold the majority, have already expressed their rejection and, in addition, Trump has asked them to reject any compromise with the Democrats.