Colombia shows Panama the way for absentee lawmakers

Fines for empty seats?

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Colombia, like Panama and other countries nations in the region, is going through an attendance crisis by its lawmakers.

The absenteeism of the congressmen in the parliament has angered citizens but little has been done until now.

Colombian journalist, Caterine Juvinao,  is seeking collect signatures to sue the deputies or senators, who have missed plenary sessions in more than 30, 50 and even 70 times  

The #TrabajenVagos (slackers get to work) campaign seeks opportunities to sue when they reach five times the law allows.

Juvinao went out to the streets to ask people if they would join the cause of #TrabajenVagos and hundreds these outraged said yes.

Catherine Juvinao used her Twitter account to denounce threats from the congressmen she had denounced, while opinion leaders and citizens opinion leaders gave her support and asked her to reveal lists of absent legislators. in the sessions of the Plenary.

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Panama | Absentee Lawmakers Account For No One Absentee lawmakers have substitutes that can do their jobs. Substitutes doing the lawmakers jobs for less money. Absentees want recognition by providing groceries for re- elections. National Assembly president Abrego can provide groceries... lawmakers can also provide groceries for re-elections (bribes). Groceries...hugs...kisses...promises... "I will work hard for the poor!" Essentially, take Panama public funds for their staffs... botellas...hiring family members and finding source of suitcase money. Former president Ricardo Martinelli can do it... lawmakers can also find source of suitcase money. So the kid asks the lawmaker... Where is the money? Forget it kid, here some money, buy yourself some cotton candy and beat it.

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