Canadians  reject paying for ex-royals security

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An overwhelming  majority of Canadians believe that their country does not have to pay for the safety of Prince Harry  and his wife Meghan, who have settled in the suburbs of Victoria, British Columbia

77% of people surveyed by the Nanos Institute, on behalf of CTV television station, that the Canadian taxpayer does not have to pay for the safety of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because they are not in Canada as representatives of the Queen.

The issue of the couple's safety and cost, after their departure from the royal family, has not yet been the subject of any official announcement. The authorities have only said that they were conducting talks on the matter.

More than two-thirds of Canadians also believe that the privacy of the couple and their child will be better respected by Canadians than in the United Kingdom.

71% also believe that media attention for Harry and Meghan will be significantly less or somewhat less important in Canada than across the Atlantic.

This is not necessarily the opinion of the couple, who threatened a lawsuit after photos of Meghan Markle were published carrying their son in a baby carrier and walking their two dogs.

Perhaps for the monarchy, it is more worrying in the long term that only 32% of respondents were strongly in favor of maintaining ties with the royal family and the status of their country as a constitutional monarchy. 28% were in favor but in a very moderate way.

The survey was conducted by telephone and internet on a sample of 1003 Canadians with a margin of error of 3.1%.


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