Bukele and Petro slug it out on social networks

Petro and Bukele face-off.

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Presidents Nayib Bukele of El Salvador and Gustavo Petro of Colombia once again starred in a new confrontation on social networks on Thursday, March 9.

It all started when the Colombian president posted a CNN story in Spanish that said that Bukele officials made pacts with gangs.

" Better than making government pacts under the table is that justice can make them on the table without deceit and in search of Peace," said Petro.

Faced with this post that did not directly mention Bukele, the Salvadoran president responded and reminded Petro of the situation of his son who in recent days has been in the eye of the storm. The irony of the message was the question: "Everything okay at home?"

First he accuses of inhumane treatment and now they talk about better conditions. Besides, I don't understand his obsession with El Salvador. Isn't his son the one who makes pacts under the table and also for money? Everything is good at home? ”, reads Bukele's tweet.

Petro d replied to Bukele that “everything is fine at home" and questioned him about the presumption of innocence. But the Head of State of El Salvador called the president of Colombia in another message: "addicted to lies."

"Presumption of innocence? I imagine that he has never accused any opponent of his. Colombians will know if this is true or another lie, that he already seems to be addicted to them, ” Bukele asserted.

It is the second time that both presidents put diplomacy aside and face each other on social networks. The first was on March 1 when they questioned each other about the rates of violence in their respective countries.

Gustavo Petro's son 
Nicolás Petro, son of the president of Colombia, denied the accusations of corruption and links with drug traffickers for which he is being investigated.

" I am in total disposition to appear before the control entities and confirm my innocence (...) the money in question does not come from the mafia, nor from corruption, nor from any illegal activity," said the also deputy.

Nicolás Petro's ex-wife, Day Vásquez , accused him in an interview with Semana magazine of having ties to drug traffickers and smugglers, in addition to receiving money for Gustavo Petro's presidential campaign that he used to pay for a luxurious life, behind his father's back.

The media outlet published the transcript of different WhatsApp conversations between the then couple in which they talk about movements of large sums of money, the purchase of a country house for a value equivalent to more than $330,000, and corrupt dealings with ministers of the government.

In addition to Semana's revelations, other media outlets published bank statements that account for monthly expenses greater than the salary of a deputy.

On Thursday, the president asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate his 36-year-old son and his brother Juan Fernando Petro to determine if they have offered drug traffickers benefits in the framework of official peace initiatives in exchange for money.

Nicolás Petro announced that he is "stepping aside" from politics and his father's leftist coalition while his "innocence" is verified.