American Jailed - 18 Years - Sexual Abuse of Minors

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A 42 year old American Pharmacist, Stefan Andrés Correa, is facing 18 years in jail for sexual abuse of minors and child pornography.  Stefan Correa traveled to Colombia, according to immigration records, at least 45 times between 2022 and 2024, during which time he could have carried out several of his misdeeds with young girls.   The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez said that the party is over for perverts and passport bros, and assured that he will have a firm hand with this type of crime in his city: “Those who have the idea of ​​coming to Colombia to abuse our minors will not even be able to get on the plane,” said the politician.


After intercepting some of their conversations, the foreigner was intercepted at the Miami airport when he was heading to the capital of Antioquia.  The authorities captured the American pharmacist, who was in the habit of traveling to Colombia in search of sexual exploitation of minors.  The subject was arrested after the police intercepted his conversations with his pimp in Medellín, where he intended to arrive by taking a flight from Miami with a stopover in Bogotá.  The police revealed the aberrant chats they found with the 42-year-old subject and his pimp, in which he requested that girls with certain physical characteristics between 10 and 12 years of age be found for him to carry out his sexual abuse.


Stefan Andrés Correa was detained at the Miami International Airport when he was preparing to take a flight to El Dorado in Bogotá, where he would make a stopover to Medellin in Antioquia and abuse four girls.  According to the preliminary report in the case, the foreigner would have paid a pimp from Medellín $300,000 to exploit minors and would have promised to give the victims an iPhone from “the old men.”  This was confirmed by the authorities, after capturing the man Friday, when he was preparing to board the flight.  In the procedure process by the US authorities, they seized nine cell phones where they found conversations in which he had already negotiated to sexually exploit minors.

“You know my taste, skinny girl. “How old is she and when is her birthday?” Was one of the American's conversations with the pimp.  Among those who also noticed that she made demands that the victims allow themselves to be completely subdued.  “I don't want her to say no or how far you can go.  She needs me to enjoy without turning back, even if it hurts... If a friend who is 11 or 10 years old, who is skinny, white, short, is looking for me, I will give her an iPhone Plus 7 and her friend an iPhone 8 because she is more daring,” he says in some conversations published by the authorities.  The subject also made it clear in his chats that he would record his victims and spread pornographic material on social networks, as he did with some girls under 12 years of age in the past. Correa will be prosecuted in Florida, United States, for the crime of sexual abuse of minors and child pornography, which would give him a sentence of 18 years to life in prison. 


According to the information provided, the pharmaceutical industry professional is a native of Ecuador, but nationalized as an American and managed to enter the boarding tunnel of Avianca flight AV5 that took off at 11:28 in the morning, on Thursday 18th of April, from Miami bound for Bogotá.  When he was going through security and had scanned his ticket, his master plan changed.  At that moment, five officers made him move away from the line and began to search his luggage in which they found what was going to be used to begin one of the largest transnational investigations into the sexual exploitation of Colombian children. 


They had been monitoring Stefan Correa because one of the girls who was a victim of the criminal network gave federal agents and members of the Dijín key information to identify him, so the search they did on him at the airport was already planned.  She and her companions were taken to costume parties where they were given drugs and liquor, then a man, called 'Cris' or 'Stefano', had access to abuse them while he recorded them.  These exclusive bars and hotels where Stefan Correa went to fulfill his desires are now being identified; since there is information and images obtained that allow them to be recognized.  It is expected to establish who the partners are and initiate the corresponding legal processes. 


Another American, Brandon Seth Wood was caught with an under age girl during this dragnet operation.  This group all seem to use similar hotels and bars in Medellin the same used by Timothy Alan Livingston that we wrote about last month.