“Accused sex abuse "Apostle”  got deputies red carpet

Deputies glad hand accused violater

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The self-named “Apostle” and leader of the "Light of the World “ church accused in California of 26  sex crimes ranging from child pornography and sexual abuse to human trafficking got red carpet treatment in Panama’s National Assembly.

 Naasón Joaquín García visited Panama  in January 2017 and was received by first vice president    of the  Assembly  Deputy Luis Eduardo Quirós, in the company of deputies Katleen Levy and Alfredo Pérez,  

In a major operation against the sexual exploitation of minors, US authorities arrested Garcia. .The complaint detailed that one of the victims was a minor of 15 years, who was ordered to perform a "suggestive" dance with the least "possible clothing" for the apostle. Subsequently, he forced her and other children to undress and to touch each other intimately while photographing them. According to the complaint, the young woman, whose identity remains anonymous, was the victim of sexual abuse by García at her Los Angeles office

In a second case, another minor was a victim of rape "with great physical damage". Also, a case is indicated in which a young woman was forced to perform oral sex on Naasón The third complainant also suffered abuses by Medina Oaxaca. There is a fourth victim, who was raped on at least two occasions by García and Azalea Meléndez.

During  his visit to the Assembly, the apostle said that his preaching on the faith of Christ, he led him s  to instruct people on with principles and values, and  he showed interest in creating in Panama several the "Light of the World" cities, places where there is peace, tranquility, and security.

The first would be in Changuinola, where they had have already acquired 70 hectares where there would be housing built for low-income people, sports fields, and there will be cultural activities, space for young people to have a place free of danger.

Mention was also made of the acquisition of land in Las Mañanitas as well as the purchase of land in Eastern Panama according to the website En Segundos.

The apostle said that "those who have known our Church know that we teach principles and values ​​to all who come to her."

Quirós said that in Panama we build bridges, not walls.

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