28 dead including 10 children in Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Air strike collapses tower block in Gaza

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Tensions continue to rise in the Middle East as 27Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza, including nine children, leading the United Nations to hold an urgent security council meeting on the matter. Monday saw weeks of tensions over the planned eviction of Palestinians from their homes near East Jerusalem boil over, with hundreds wounded after Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Hamas responded by firing over 200 rockets at Jerusalem, though there were no reported casualties, which prompted the Israeli airstrikes. U.S. President Joe Biden is now under pressure from left-leaning members of his party and activists to offer harsher condemnation of Israel.    

Sources: HaaretzAl Jazeera


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Err…no Yarkaki, this stemmed a bit further back than the rockets …when they started to evict the Israeli- Arabs from their homes so that Jewish families could move in …that’s what started this Remember Jewish families have the right to repossession whereas the Arabs do not.

1 month ago

What this aarticle and SID fail to mention is that Hamas started this mess by sending tens of rockets into Israel.... Israel is acting to protect itself. Too bad the article and Sid do not either know the actual history of Hamas terrorizing Israel. The mainstream medium has fallen all over itself to blame Israel for what any other nation would do to protect itself.

1 month ago

Steal someone's home and then attack them when they oppose it. But i bet the jew will tell us he was crying out in pain as he bombed that building.

1 month ago
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