UK “risk- it-all” couple and carnival

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By Margot Thomas

Two UK travelers who, a year ago, began a travel odyssey as an example to others that dreams can be fulfilled are in Panama on the Central American leg of their trip down their own yellow brick road.

Chris  Fisher 47, had a successful career in the 5-star hotel industry, before opening a thriving pub and successful restaurant with Marianne his wife in Telford in England’s West Midlands.

Then with a Kiplinguesque turn of pitch and toss to turn and start again, they decided to sell their possessions, purchase a thriving pub and successful restaurant a mobile home and hit the road on the way to exploring every country in the world with an ongoing video record posted on  YouTube for the stay at homes.

“We have always loved adventure and dreamt of traveling full time. Therefore, at the age of 47 and 50, we decided that we would make it happen and in a way that is sustainable. So, we made the decision to sell all of our belongings and rent out our house to fund our adventures says Chris on their website.

Their never-ending road trip began in Ireland, continued to Europe and is now in the American Continent.

Details of their future itinerary can be found on 

They also have a youtube page where you can see their videos:

They arrived in Panama in time for carnival and gave the Tourism Authority  a free boost with in-depth coverage of their participation in the revelry which will be seen by followers around the world.

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