Tocumen International ready for international flights reopening

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The administration at Tocumen Airport has completed preparations for the reopening  to international flights on  Monday, October 12

Biosecurity measures among those entering or leaving the country.

These measures will start from taking the temperature at the entrance of the airport, the use of alcohol gel, and later, the due social distancing in the line where the check-in will be carried out. Masks must be worn at all times.

Enrique Villegas, project manager at Tocumen SA, indicated that the restriction that passengers arriving in the country of having to undergo quarantine will be suspended, but instead the PCR test will be required, 48 hours in advance.

Members of the Tourism Authority and representatives of companies dedicated to tourism development took a tour of the air terminal on Friday, October 9

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Very good points about how brutal the police have been here. Instagram videos of beatdowns that are horrifying. The country locked down by province and pueblo with no movement allowed. The people certainly can't organize and resist. The population of Panama has almost quadrupled and this can't continue for sustainability. The oceans are fished out and Panama must now rely on imports to feed the pooulation. Teen pregnancy thru the roof and pollution on the roads and beaches. A culling is coming to Panama and worldwide. There is no place to hide here as neighbor snitches on neighbor to try and save themselves. We are better positioned to ride out the coming storm in a jurisdiction where we can have a firearm, like minded people for support and a common language and culture. The gringo is Panama is tolerated because he can be fleeced. When the culling by the NWO leftists starts the gringos will be given no quarter. This happens every century but still people can't see the warning signs. An ounce of prevention is worth.....

7 months ago
Punta Arenas

Panama will happily jump onto the globalist bandwagon as is apparent with this regime taking marching orders from the WHO. The police here have been particularly brutal with their enforcement techniques and the pleasure at which they are administered. We have seen how easily the " sanitary fences" were established and how the country was quickly cut up and isolated into pockets to the pooulation easy to control. Panama is tiny and esay to control. Everything the General Butler said is true, the question is where do you want to be when the door slams shut on Panama? No one is coming to save you from starvation when the depopulation begins. White gringos won't exactly be in favor when it starts. You can't own a gun here. Trapped in Panama during the coming reset is a fools errand. The time to act is now!

7 months ago
General Butler

What folks SHOULD be afraid of is further encroachment against personal freedom. This whole plandemic is a World Economic Forum scam to usher in a mandatory vaxx married with a biometric ID ( It's all out in the open for those with eyes to see and a brain to process. Just do a search for World Economic Forum Great Reset and start connecting the dots. We need to fight every inch of freedom being stolen under the false offering of 'safety'. The TSA never went away even though the risk of terror during air travel was never significant. And the testing, vaxxing and immunity passports will never go away if we allow that to happen. Folks, look into the data. The the total number of deaths worldwide is no higher than normal. There IS NO PANDEMIC except on the television.

7 months ago

Airline travel is off 80%. There is no demand because the public is terrified to step outside much less travel. You can open but they won't come. Word of Covid hotels in Panama doesn't help either. 5 years before air travel returns to pre china virus levels.

7 months ago
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