Tocumen International handles 25.000 passengers after reopening

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After  over six months of inactivity, more than 25,000 people passed through  Tocumen International Airport in the first four days after the reopening of international flights,

According to preliminary reports, between Monday, October 12 and Thursday, October 15, a total of 27,569 passengers used the Panamanian airport including  departures, arrivals and transit passengers

 The Airport resumed activities last Monday with 80 daily operations to more than 20 countries in America and Europe.

Before the restrictions due to the pandemic, around 420 daily flights were registered, to 94 destinations in 39 countries in America, Europe, and Asia.

Virus checks
As part of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, three swab stands were set up for  passengers who do not have their Covid-19  negative certificate. The test costs $50 and the result is revealed in about 25 minutes.

On, Friday, October 16, the Ministry of Health confirmed that in five days since  the opening of the airport, 13 people who have tried to nter the country without the test certificate were detected

On the first day of restarting operations, a woman tested positive for the virus  and was moved to a hospital hotel.




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