Thermal Camera to Monitor Tocumen Passengers

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When Tocumen International Airport reopens for business,   passengers will receive human temperature measurement by a thermal camera donated and installed  by Hikvision Panama, to strengthen preventive measures against COVID-19.

It is a Hikvision thermal imaging camera, , designed to detect the elevated skin surface temperature with high precision in real-time. With the use of artificial intelligence and the implementation of “ Deep Learning ” algorithms, it reveals the body heat of several people on the move, avoiding false alarms that can generate other sources of heat.

The equipment will be located in the airport's boarding area, and will be in operation starting next week, airport authorities reported .

In this way, the terminal will increase the filters so that before entering the various areas, the body temperature of the passengers can be measured.

“ The Panama Airport is the first in Central America to install this type of cameras in the context of the current health emergency to continue providing the service and at the same time collaborate with the humanitarian flights that were requested by different countries in the region, Panama being the center connection or hub flights, ”said Raffoul Arab, general manager of Tocumen International.

He said   that " the donation is very important for the Airport because it strengthens the biosecurity response capacity at times when it is most required and joins the adaptation plans that we have been developing to mitigate the impact of the current health emergency."

Rafael Shen, country Manager of Hikvision Panama, said that, with the equipment, body temperatures that are beyond the normal average in humans can be detected and in less than two seconds alert about a possible case of fever or high temperature in the people, having a measurement range between 28 and 42 degrees Celsius.

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Thats right. C19 is all about control. Now the superpowers of the world know they heve everyone right where they want them. Running scared like a bunch of frightened sheep. Willing to do anything for a cure to something that is not much worse than the seasonal flu. Wait till something really bad comes along. Their crying wolf will create a real pandemic.

4 months ago

Why don't they do rectal exams while they're at it? Covid is just another 9/11 false flag adding another layer of b.s. to be able to travel.

4 months ago

Another waste of money. So many super spreaders are asymptomatic so taking temps means nothing! Someone could have the normal flu, strep throat, mild dengue..... There will be no end to the hoops you will be made to jump through just to get on a plane. Travel just isn't fun anymore!

4 months ago
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