Panama and Jamaica plan multi-destination accord

1,733Views 0Comments Posted 12/11/2019

The tourism ministers of Panama and Jamaica  have agreed to kickstart negotiations to establish a tourism multidestination to swell the arrival of visitors in the region,

The first approach took place last week during the World Travel Market in London, , where Panama participated with a delegation of 14 companies linked to national tourism. 

Jamaica Tourism Minister of tourism said that the multi-destination scheme allows a broadening of the tourist offer in the region, but even more, it will increase the air connectivity between both countries.

A tourist multi-destination is a unique trip that includes visits to more than one destination. In this way the arrival of visitors that otherwise would not have reached the two sites is enhanced.

Bartlett noted that Panama is becoming an air hub with long-haul flights, arriving from Asia, Europe, and Turkey. Currently, Copa Airlines offers more than 11 weekly flights between Panama and Jamaica. 

The  Jamaica minister and  Iván Eskildsen, administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama, will sign the agreement during the International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain, in  January.

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