Life returns to Tocumen with over 54,000 passengers in first

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Tocumen International Airport handled 54,041 thousand passengers in the week following the October 12 reopening of international flights.

According to Tocumen, SA, since last October 12, when the government authorized the opening of the borders to  Commercial air services that were suspended in  March due to the pandemic , the flow of travelers has been constantly growing.

The management said on Thursday that the reopening has led to 10,691 people entering the country through the "Hub of Tocumen" until October 20. While in the same period, a total of 7,675 passengers have used the facilities of the air terminal to travel to various destinations.

Another  35,675 passengers  have traveled on connecting flights.

“Although the recovery of the airline industry is developing gradually, eight-passenger companies have already re-established their air routes to and from Panama; Copa Airlines, Air France, Wingo, Iberia, United Airlines, KLM, American Airlines, Spirit and on e October 26 the Avianca airline will return ”, said a Tocumen, SA spokesman

As of November 1, Turkish Airlines will resume its operations between Istanbul and with two frequencies a week.

Air Europa will resume its route to Panama in "the Christmas season" with two weekly flights.

The airport plans to expand its connectivity starting in November with direct flights to 60 destinations in 31 countries - until March it linked 94 cities in 39 countries

"The reopening of international commercial flights are carried out under strict biosafety protocols and it is expected to gradually strengthen the national economy, the tourism industry, the competitiveness and connectivity of Panama with the world," said the spokesman.



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Dave y Linda

People who have been trapped abroad can now come home and be with their families. We are seeing built up demand for flights finally being served. 5 years until full volume returns if ever. The shine is off of Panama now that the world is seeing what this place is all about.

6 months ago

Let's hope the flights out stay open until Christmas.

6 months ago
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