Humanitarian missions to airlift stranded tourists from Panama

1,975Views 0Comments Posted 26/03/2020

KLM Airlines has been authorized by the Panama government to carry out two humanitarian flights after the closure of Tocumen International was decreed to stop the expansion of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Spokesmen for the company, of the KLM-AirFrance group said that the two flights will arrive, at Tocumen without passengers, and will return with Dutch and French citizens, as well as other European and foreign nationals residing in the old continent.

The first of the two flights departed on Thursday, March 26 and the next will leave on March 29 to Amsterdam.

The KLM flights are in addition to the one carried out Wednesday by the Lufthansa airline that transferred 30 Panamanians from the German city of Frankfurt and returned with 69 Germans. All are flights that classify as humanitarian.

The Canadian airline Air Transat transported 107 tourists to Canada, from the Scarlett Martínez airport, in Coclé, who were in Panamanian Pacific beach hotels.


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