Environmental study for  Panama city beaches to boost tourism

Panama City beach, a peak into the future

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An  environmental impact study (EIA, for the Panama Bay beaches recovery project which is intended to dramatically change the  sea frontage of Bella Vista  and Calidonia and boost city  tourism  by 2022  will be handled  by the Louis Berger Lac S. company

The Mayor's Office of Panama, chaired by José Luis Fábrega, on November 14  awarded a contract for the best value tender of $120,376. The reference price was $133,750

The other company that presented, Corporación de Desarrollo Ambiental, SA (Codesa), had offered $132,758.27.

Louis Berger obtained 85 points from the evaluation committee. Meanwhile, Codesa earned 74.27 points. 

Being a category 3 EIA, public consultation is required.

Fábrega has said that the project aims to recover the beaches of Calidonia and Bella Vista as an attraction for local and foreign tourism.

The project will have an extension of 1.8 kilometers and an investment of $120 million. According to the mayor, he is expected to be ready in 2022.


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What they going to call it? dodo beach? this isn't the boost of tourist, its the end of it. once they get on that beach and it has virus all over the sand and a few have to have legs and arms cut off from it, that word will spread like wild fire,, it won't be the city beach has it, it will be panama's beaches have it. sad... you know that the top 1000 rivers that dump trash into the oceans, Panama has 5 of those, pouring tons of trash into the ocean every year.

6 months ago
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