Contadora hotels reopen for business

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Contadora Island, in the Las Perlas Archipelago, located in the Panamanian Pacific is again receiving  national and international  visitors as three of the four hotels that operate on the island, have  resumed  operations, after being closed due to the pandemic and the confinement measures imposed by the Government says a La Prensa report

To boost tourist activity in Contadora, the island's companies have created the Las Perlas Chamber of Tourism and establish guidelines to attract more visitors.

Presen Cosme Rodríguez, from the La Isla hotel, points out that there are efforts to respond to commitments from group tourism and sporting events for the remainder of the summer and the year.

Contadora Island which was the refuge of the exiled Sha of Iran can be reached by plane or boat, taking one of the flights that leave Albrook  airport or by ferry from the Amador Causeway.


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