Anti-virus operations at  Tocumen International

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Tocumen International is complying with the protocols implemented by the Ministry of Health and has it activated a Contingency Cleaning Plan to reinforce prevention actions against the coronavirus which has infected over 8. 000 people and killed over 200 and spread to 17 countries.

All areas of terminal 1 and 2, in the internal sector, will receive special cleaning baths and cleaning in visitor parking, access ramps, areas and bathrooms of level 200 where the counters of the airlines, waiting room and bathrooms of level 300 will be redoubled.

The general management of the airport said that instructions to strictly comply with the measures have been given all cleaning staff and operational workers, will be wearing gloves and masks, and a team of inspectors will be in charge of supervision.

"In each bathroom, there will be a cleaning supervisor to tell passengers that they should wash their hands properly and anti-bacterial gels will be installed at each point of requirement," Similarly, through the Passenger Service staff, information and guidance are being provided to passengers.

The authorities of the Ministry of Health recommend to the population:

-Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

-Wash your hands frequently, especially after direct contact with sick people or their surroundings.

-People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should keep distance. cover yourself when you cough and sneeze with tissues or clothes and wash your hands.

-Go to the nearest Health center.



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Nice but it is not enough.the virus is spreading human to human .they need to stip flights from china

6 months ago
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