Air Panama  resumes Chiriqui-Costa Rica route

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Taking its lead from the opening of new shopping centers and economic growth in the province of Chiriquí, Air Panama is resuming service between the city of San José, Costa Rica, and David, seeking to take advantage of growing tourism activities.

The first flights using Fokker-50 aircraft will be Monday, November 11 from David's Enrique Malek Airport.

Eduardo Stagg, executive president of Air Panama, confirmed the opening of the air route, for which they have invested half a million dollars.

Luis Eleta, Air Panama Commercial Director said: “This flight will attract more tourists, more investments, and more opportunities

Jorge Tovar, president of Discover Chiriquí, said  "We have worked for more than two years in Costa Rica to attract  multi-destination tourists and with this route we open the door so that in their itineraries they can add Boquete, Volcán or the beaches of the province .

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