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As Panama moves into the third month of quarantine restrictions, and airports remain shuttered planning for vacations is not an option for most of us.

But there’s no harm in dreaming and for those fortunate to have visited the  Alps in  France Switzerland or Austria the video will bring back treasured memories.

For others, it could be an incentive for the future.  So enjoy the virtual journey and the accompanying music.                                 


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That makes you jbbrown an elitist leftist ...although I’m not quite sure what that implies ...supporter by continuing to read these postings !

16 days ago

Is newsroom panama really this out of touch? People are bankrupt, hungry, unemployed and under house arrest for months yet talk of a luxury European vacation? The average Panamanian gets 5 days a year vacation for the drunken orgy called Carnaval, they can never afford a Swiss vacation! This elitist leftist website is really callous and out of touch!

17 days ago
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