68% of tourism activities face year-long crawl back

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Some  68% of tourist activities will not be able to operate at capacity for about a year due to the pandemic,  warns the Panama Chamber of Commerce (CCIAP) as Panama trails other countries in developing strategies.

After almost seven months of inactivity due to the restrictions applied by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, tourist activities in the country will reopen on  Monday, October 12.

“For this, first of all, Panama must present itself to travelers as a destination with clear, well-established biosafety protocols that are implemented and respected, avoiding improvisations, “says the CCIAP highlights in its weekly message.

The business union asks to activate the engines of the sector since it has the ability to promote other productive activities in the country, such as transport, commerce, agriculture, crafts and restaurants, to name a few.

It also recommended to urgently resume the international promotion campaign in order to position the destination in the markets identified in the studies carried out by the Panama Tourism Authority and the Tourism Promotion Fund.

“Other destinations are already ahead of Panama; the pandemic did not stop them in the task of planning to promote their attractions, no matter how challenging the panorama may be, ”warns the Chamber

Within the reactivation of tourism it is crucial to value and capitalize on new assets, such as the Amador Convention Center and the Amador Cruise Terminal, whose strategies must be redefined.

The CCIAP says   there is a long road ahead for tourism, and a government support plan is required for this sector, “if we take into account according to applied surveys, 68% of tourism activities will not be able to operate at capacity for a year or more ”.

The Chamber says that the reactivation of the tourism sector represents a great challenge with great opportunities for economic recovery.

As a reference, the business union recalled that in 2019, tourism-related activities represented 14% of GDP; that is, $8.5 billion  and employed about 240,000 people.


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Oh ya fishing here has collapsed. The fisherman have to go further out and the pargo and corvina get smaller and smaller. Now there's a massive chinese fishing flotilla just south of Panama destroying one of the most important fish nursery habitats in this region. The population of Latin America is growing fast and the fishery can't reproduce fast enough to feed billions of Chinese and all of Latin America. People better learn milk goats or something because the future of fishing is bleak.

Last year
Oh ya

So they want tourists but continue the beach and sinday lockdown. Cant make this stuff up. Stupid is what stupid does. But fear not the USD will collapse long before the year they are taking about, then there will be no tourists so that solves the beach and sunday problems. Everyone in panama should own a fishing rod

Last year

The sex tourists will be first to return.

Last year

With a newly impoverished world population, high unemployment and an irrational fear of the virus people are not going to travel. staycations is what they are promoting here in the USA. Stay close to home and explore things in your own region. Airlines are laying off crew and mothballing planes. Fewer flights and routes will mean full planes as people have to fly on the airlines schedule. The airlines will also raise ticket prices eventually to so they can turn a profit. It's going to be expensive to fly a family of 4 to Panama in 2021. Not that Panama is a vacation destination by most measures. Many small hotels, B&B and other hospitality industry businesses will fold. This will put a glut of small business on the real estate market and drive down further already collapsing real estate prices. The real damage from this Socialist lockdown has not bern seen, it's still 6-8 months out! Sell if you can!!

Last year
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