35,000 Task Force  readies  for Easter rush

Cops on standby

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Over 35,000 agents of the Joint Task Force are spread out across Panama to help guarantee the safety of the people during the celebration of Easter weekend. when scores of thousands of people reunite with their families in the interior.Holy Week. This is the last phase of the Kraken operation.

Investment of traffic lanes on major highways lanes will begin from noon on Holy Thursday

The Minister of Public Safety in charge, Omar Pinzón, said that the most important thing is to count, during these days, with citizen participation.

Pinzón stressed that the citizen should be aware of the responsibility he must have when driving a vehicle, when alcohol should not be consumed or  traffic regulations violsted..

 José Donderis , director of the  Civil Protection System, reported that there will be controls on vehicular traffic, as well as surveillance at the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.  

The use of lifejackets vests will be enforced demanded and checks made to ensure  that e boats do not have overcapacity,

Hospitals are  activated with specialists and technicians in emergency rooms. 


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