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The Institutional Quality Index 2021 of the Liberal Network of Latin America prepared by Martín Krause, professor of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires, reveals that Panama appears to be competitive in the field of market institutions, driven by the use of the dollar, economic openness, the banking center, etc. Taking into account only these factors, Panama ranks fifth on the continent, behind the United States, Canada, Chile, and Peru. But on the political level, its regional position falls to position 19. This poor result is the product of the weakness of our justice institutions, the rampant perception of corruption, and the lack of commitment of our leaders to be accountable. This places the country in positions of shame. In the global index, Panama lost a notch and will surely continue to worsen, it is clear that there is no will to improve its battered image; correct directions, fight corruption, and give an account of its management. If the country were to dispense with these burdens, we would surely be taking firm steps to become a developed country, but we are far from it and, as things are going, we will continue to move further and further away. - LA PRENSA. Jun. 7


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