Time for Panama to stop playing the victim

1,251Views 6Comments Posted 05/10/2021


The investigation that has just begun to be revealed in the Pandora Papers journalistic project is not a sign of a conspiracy against the country, but rather shows the consequences of turning a blind eye for so many years, to the need for required changes in our institutions.

 It will not be easy to get out of the hole that we have dug ourselves by maintaining persistent weaknesses in our legal systems, such as the lack of controls and the prevailing impunity, resulting from the lack of will to enforce laws that are already in place. The arguments about the desire to destroy the reputations of Panamanians or that of the country are a small-town manifestation, especially considering the direct criticisms that these publications make about regulations in the United States. The underlying problem is that although there are tax havens in the developed world, there are proven punishments against those who break the laws.

In the meantime, In Panama, the laws look like an ornament. Let's couple this with the change in attitudes and principles that an exclusive club now considers have to be adopted to participate in the global concert. It is time to abandon the role of victim. The lamentations will not remove Panama from black or gray lists. Actions will be required. LA PRENSA, Oct. 5.




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