Time  for Assembly  to act on court transparency ruling

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Transparency in public affairs is an issue ignored by the authorities, which is why sanctions against officials who seek management without accountability, without disclosing matters of a public nature, are becoming frequent.

Recently, the Supreme Court has ruled on this lack of transparency. Such is the case of the mayor of San Miguelito and the National Assembly, especially the latter, which has denied La Prensa public information, for which the Court has ruled against it, forcing it to be more transparent. The law is very clear, but they use tricks to circumvent it, without success this time.

Now, the Court has declared that the information on the identity of the people hired, their functions and the result of their supposed work is of a public nature. The Assembly alleged confidentiality and protection of personal information on form 172 - the cash back - to deny it, after the Executive approved a loan to pay it $8 million in the middle of the pandemic. We hope that the deputies deliver the information and stop giving excuses for not being held accountable for their actions. - LA PRENSA, Jan. 10.





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