The brighter side of coronavirus

467Views 0Comments Posted 31/03/2020

The pandemic has shown the level of civic awareness of some Panamanians. The health and economic crisis has caused thousands of people to offer their donations and their volunteer work, in favor of others. From various civic groups, private companies or organically, people organize to provide hot food for health personnel, psychological counseling for everyone who needs it, educational assistance for children and adolescents at home, and even collaboration between neighbors to get medicine, or buy groceries. Many Panamanians have made financial contributions to acquire masks and protective equipment for the doctors and nurses who are the first line of combat. Others are collecting funds and dry food for the most needy population and simple strangers are giving their hands to assemble bags of food, while others transport the Minsa staff to their homes. This day is brighter, less painful because of the contribution of all the volunteers who make possible a smile, a thank you and a relief during this time. Thank you all – LA PRENSA, Mar, 31

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