Suspicions grow in fentanyl theft

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The Social Security Fund has remained silent in the face of information indicating that the institution's head of security would be the brother-in-law of the alleged head of one of the most ruthless criminal gangs in Panama, arrested in Costa Rica and recently extradited to the United States and that the only person (who was not a relative) who visited this gentleman in the Costa Rican jail was a CSS official, a few days before the 10,000 vials of fentanyl were stolen. How does the CSS remain silent in the face of such accusations? How is negligence of this size justified? Is there any official of the institution detained? Why hasn't the CSS director resigned? Why does the President of the Republic react as if this theft were of water bottles? The Attorney General of the Nation has training and experience in organized crime, especially in the area of criminal gangs that are dedicated to the transfer and takedown of drugs. And it turns out that after five months –supposedly since this robbery was reported–, nothing is still known and there is no one arrested? This is all very suspicious, to say the least. – LA PRENSA, Mar 18.

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