Supreme Court a cover for misuse of public funds

1,141Views 0Comments Posted 05/01/2023


The Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu) has provided in four years (which is practically equivalent to the Cortizo government) almost $75 million for "economic aid". The figure, although high, would not attract so much attention, if it were not for the fact that the director of the Ifarhu does not have to give an explanation or account for this aid. And the Supreme Court endorsed this shamelessness with a ruling, after denying this outlet a habeas data petition to know the names of the beneficiaries of Ifarhu's non-reimbursable financial aid. The Court became a cover for the misuse of state money, as we have seen in recent publications on Ifarhu. How do you know if those $75 million were used wisely? How to keep an eye on those who handle our money? What are the magistrates hiding with this sentence? Are you afraid of seeing family names on that list? If so, what is the use of paying for an education at the best universities in the world, if they do it with questionable and undeserved money? That is sowing seeds of corruption. If the President of the Republic must account for discretionary items, why not the director of Ifarhu? That's how rotten all this smells. -  LA PRENSA, Jan.5.