Suppressing  police records is a no no

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The same PRD deputy who seeks to eliminate the accessory penalties of sentences for common crimes has come up with another draft bill that seeks to suppress the police record as a requirement to apply for certain jobs. This deputy says that his draft is noble and seeks to offer second chances to convicts. An employer deserves to know the background of his staff, which includes their knowledge, skills and experience, but also their behavior, ethics, and relationship with the law. Good decisions are made based on knowledge and information. Omitting data as important as a police record is not an act of honesty on the part of someone who seeks, precisely, to rebuild his life. The initiative, coming from this deputy, only arouses suspicions. His background speaks of him (and not precisely for the better) and, just as an employer deserves to know who he hires, a voter must know who to choose for public office. And for that, in both cases, all the information is needed, not just part of it, as the deputy wants.- LA PRENSA, Jul. 23.

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