PEGASUS – A Deadly ‘Toy’

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There are countless journalists, human rights activists, politicians, judges, opposition businessmen and thousands of victims of attacks by the Pegasus program around the world, including Panama. In Israel - where NSO Technologies, the software manufacturer, is based - Pegasus is considered a weapon and, as such, its sale must be authorized by the Government of that country. The scandals surrounding this platform, due to its abusive use, should not go unnoticed, when there are justified suspicions that this software played a role in the 2018 assassination in Istanbul (Turkey) of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, from The Washington Post.

 In Panama, the government of Ricardo Martinelli used it to illegally spy on hundreds of people, for which criminal cases were opened that have ended in convictions and the trial of the aforementioned former president. In Mexico, it was even used to monitor the teenage son of journalist Cristina Aristegui, just to mention one case. It is urgent to modify the sale protocol of this program, also used for malicious purposes. Pegasus is a deadly weapon, but it is marketed as a toy.- LA PRENSA, Jull. 26

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