Panama’s unthinkable ventilator gaffe

Vice-president Corrizo oversaw ventilator purchases

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The first case of Covid-19 in Panama was officially reported on March 9. But it is no less true that the pandemic was known months before and, without a doubt, it was known that sooner or later it would reach our continent and country. But the authorities reacted late, requiring emergency purchases in a highly speculative market. In the absence of mechanical ventilators - essential to keep patients alive in intensive care units - Panama accepted the unthinkable: buying old equipment, which received it in deplorable condition, without updating and at exorbitant and inhumane prices. Someone profited by the silence of the authorities, who waited until the last moment to acquire equipment and supplies. And, product of improvisation, Panama had to buy fans with multiple problems and now we must pray to some divinity to last something more than the time of the pandemic, since they date from 2013 and 2014 and will be paid as if their components were 24-karat gold. Governments must understand once and for all that not all positions in institutions such as the Ministry of Health should be filled by politicians. It would do them good to appoint health professionals from time to time. - LA PRENSA,  Sep 11


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The math> 250 cars at $10,000,000, the contract is for two years, so half of $10 million is obviously $5 million, divide the $5,000,000 by the 250 cars and you get $20,000 per car per year or some $1,666.67 per car per month. That also includes maintenance and oil chages in the cost so the driver/user does not have to pay that out of pocket. To put it another way, that $1,666.67 is another perk or put it even another way.... $1,666,67 the person driving the car does not have to have that expense to own their own auto... or .... add that amount to their already inflated salary, perks, health care, etc... and oh yea the free gas for the car when they need it...SO, that ten $$million is actually a lot more.

10 months ago
Oh ya

And then even those who even got them first found that they actually killed the patient. Chances are they did not pay top price its just someone skimmed the cream off the top. But hey the country has lots of loot to rent 250 cars for 10 million. You do the math. They could have bought some $ 10.000 Hyundai and hired a few machanics that need work anyway to maintain them

10 months ago

Supply and demand! Panama had a high demand and no supply so of course with the whole world hunting ventilators they have to pay top price. That's what happens when a country is based on service sector jobs with no actual production, you can't produce anything! The PRD Socialists have really raped Panama while the citizenry was locked up in house arrest. Thank God for Trump!!

10 months ago
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