Panama’s cloaked sexual abuse shame

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Crimes against the freedom and sexual integrity of minors are increasing in Panamanian society. And although the figures are already alarming enough, it is no less true that behind them there are cases that are vilely hidden, because the perpetrator has political, economic or social connections and others that will never be known by family shame, environments dysfunctional social or lack of access to justice. And it is that the victims of these atrocities can aspire that, at best, their executioners become condemned by the judicial authorities, but little is done with respect to the scar that such trauma leaves in their lives.

 There are many causes behind this infamy. It is widely co-approved that the best and most effective way to prevent it is through the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education. This tool has worked in multiple countries to reduce the rates of abuse against infants, girls, and adolescents, while in Panama we remain hostages of religious obscurantism, the political class and family ignorance. Enough of such meanness.- LA PRENSA,Oct. 21



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