Panama’s bottomless pit

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The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has provided valuable information about Odebrecht. One of the most interesting things that the prosecutors revealed is the fact that the works of the companies have been investigated since they arrived in Panama. In other words, they have not limited themselves to inquiring about the disbursements made by Odebrecht's Structured Operations Sector (or the so-called Box 2), from where the company's dirty funds came. What is a pity is that some officials who do their best to investigate these acts of corruption have to deal with judges who should be outside the Judicial Branch, since they seem more enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being able to bury these cases - so that impunity reigns - to get to the bottom, let the truth shine, whoever falls. The judicial system is our greatest shame - not even the corruption of politicians - because it is doubly corrupt who, knowing proven acts of corruption, protects the perpetrators with the cloak of impunity. We hope for a true renewal of this organ of the State, otherwise we will never get out of this bottomless pit in which we have been condemned to live. LA PRENSA, Jan. 9

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An independent judiciary is essential to accountability.

5 months ago
George Klk

Panama| Judges Complacency and Laziness. Panama judges never struck me as extremely zestful and highly spirited. Judges strike me as more... Reserved and curious and undecided as to the amount of work they will need to do. Judges can talk about things but they know they need to back it up with all kinds of... legal jargons and citations and other sections of laws broken down to every translation imaginable. So...old judges brain stop working after awhile. Old age dead brain cells of pure boredom and restlessness. Sitting there having to listen to complaints after complaints. Let me out! Let me have a talk with a young man amateur prosecutors so I can delay cases! I know what I am doing and don't you dare tell me about law. I will just dismiss the cases! Fact is...we do not know what goes on with the brain of book work judges. They can get away with it because they let others elite underground money operators get away with it. Especially when there is a pact and charismatic political money persuasive president. Judges do not want to get into trouble with an...ALL...powerful billionaire president. Old men...ready to retire very wealthy...just abiding their time. Forget about all that money underground hear say...You will have a heart attack. Give it a rest as, I rest my cases with dismissals and delays...I need a break, really. I don't need cameras all over my face...AN OLD MAN JUDGE OF PANAMA! Panamanian legal authorities prance around lurking for what the judge is going to do next? What will it be? What will he say? A new Judge!!! Maybe I'll win my case...MONEY / BRIBES? Forget it kid, you're out of luck. See that guy over're new boss...THE PANAMA DICTATOR!

5 months ago
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