Panama recognizes animal rights and feelings

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The awareness that our species has obligations to the other living beings that surround us, begins to manifest itself in our legislation. Two bills, passed in the third debate this week, draw a stricter regulation with the duties and rights of pet owners, and severe penalties for those who abuse, mistreat or abandon a pet. Bill 173 extends the protections contained in Law 70 of 2012, and clarifies the role of administrative and judicial authorities in the proceedings for abuses against domestic animals. In turn, bill 39 articulates an ambitious system of animal welfare departments in each municipality, financed with 3% of decentralization funds. Although both initiatives are loaded with idealism and voluntarism, They also recognize the long path in education and awareness that must be followed. The most important achievement of any legislation is to change the mentality that animals are things or objects, to recognize that they are beings with rights and feelings that must be respected and valued. -LA PRENSA, Feb. 2


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Bravo Panama. To become a modern nation under ethics it's not only important to clean the city increase the income and fighting the inequality. One big measurement is " How do we treat the animals" Successful nations fighting animal rights like human rights. And Panama will see a brighter future with this important steps. Congrats and lets fight together for that.

4 months ago
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