Panama leads in virus fight so let’s stay home

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Trade restrictive measures, the curfew and the sanitary fence are tools that seek to prevent the spread of more Panamanians. Scientists who are experts in this area have explained to us that the epidemic can reach its peak in Panama in three weeks. Everything will depend on us maintaining sanitary measures, respecting social isolation, and collaborating with the authorities. This is a democratic epidemic in which we can all be infected, or we can unintentionally infect third parties. The national government has been extremely respectful of the constitutional and legal rights of all Panamanians. Each new measure has been supported by scientific evidence that justifies its application. Our health system has been internationally praised as an example, for its action against the pandemic. Our doctors, nurses, assistants, health technicians, researchers, and other members of the public health system are carrying out this fight for Panamanians. Let's contribute with what we must do as citizens: let's stay at home. - LA PRENSA, MAR, 21

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George Klk

High levels in the lung linked to increase asthma severity. - Google. Comments: GK Analysis : Virus and the Iron Melodrama for Asthmatics. Based on the article are the following facts: 1. Iron build-up in the lung cells and tissues is associated with worse asthma symptoms and lower lung function, according to new research published in the European Respiratory Journal. 2. Experimental models also showed that iron build-up in the lungs triggers immune system responses that are typical in asthma and lead to worsening of the disease. This includes effects like increased mucus secretion and scarring of the lungs, which result in narrowing of the airways and making breathing difficult. 3. Jay Horvat, Associate Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute, Australia, is the lead author of the study. He explained: "Our organs and tissues need iron to support oxygen flow and normal enzyme activity, but infections in the body also need iron to thrive. Because of this, our immune system has ways of hiding iron minerals within cells where infections cannot access the iron. This can result in a build-up of iron in the cells and tissues of nearby organs. 4. However, data from the patient samples is not able to confirm this relationship, and the symptoms of increased iron in lung cells were not clear." Question: Why was " from patient samples not able to confirm the relationship and the symptoms of increased iron in lung cells were not clear" ? Significant findings of fact. According to: Jay Horvat "...but infections in the body also need iron to thrive." GK analysis for research. Article mention: 1. The virus infection also need iron and our immune system has ways of hiding iron minerals within cells where infections cannot access the iron. Analysis: The hidden iron minerals where infections cannot access the iron is iron not being used for purposes of oxygen and energy. a. Therefore, iron not used is iron buildup and iron buildup is excess iron creating immune response. 2.The researchers say the findings offer great potential for the development of asthma treatments that target irregular iron absorption in the lung cells and tissues, but more research is needed to determine why there is increased absorption in the lungs of asthmatics. Professor Horvat said: "This study should not be interpreted as high lung iron levels being related to iron intake from diet or use of supplements. GK Analysis: Increased absorption of iron in the lung... "...but infections in the body also need iron to thrive." "...our immune system has ways of hiding iron minerals within cells where infections cannot access the iron." GK analysis continued. Our immune system is hiding iron minerals to prevent the virus infection need for iron. Self explanatory confirmation. The virus infection uses the oxygen and energy it needs to increase the virus infection throughout the lungs and organs of the human body. The virus is basically...a miniscule tool of messages requiring a host to perform a function of destruction. The virus uses the oxygen and energy to send messages of electrical pulses to the human brain. Messages of electrical pulses requesting more iron for oxygen and energy. The virus first began as in the case of the Covid-19 with the use of... animal blood in the wild wet meat market of China's Wuhan province! Animal blood contains iron and the iron was the transmission access to the human gut and the lungs, finally by way of electrical message pulses to the...human brain. The human body begins to shut down all access from the virus infection request for more iron and as a last resort shuts down all electrical messaging electrical impulses for sustained biological functions. The virus request messaging is what needs to be disrupted and later eradicated from the patient's asthma condition. The virus electrical message request conflicts with the normal human brain activities of electrical messaging creates an electrical storm of high fever and lung asthma conditions with lung fluid build up of fluids risking the patient drowning in excess lung fluids. Remedies: When a patient has a high fever, coughing and difficulty breathing... the patient should be given a blood test to determine if a virus is... in fact present and exactly what type of virus causing the condition. Once the virus is identified...the virus should be neutralized from further messaging activities and finally eradicated through current popular medical drug usage. Medical approach to virus infections should be first and foremost to disrupt the...[electrical effects of foreign invasion throughout the patient's body]! The fever causes inflammations and other complications as the body attempts to use fluid build up to wash away the viruses and to cool the temperature of the body. Medical science has not yet learned the art of controlling the body's electrical impulse system. Author: George Klauck

6 months ago
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