OPINION::Panama's water challenge

Lake levels are falling

1,090Views 0Comments Posted 13/05/2019

Water is fundamental for the development of the country. This is reflected in the operation of the Canal, hydroelectric plants, supply for human consumption and agricultural irrigation. No economic initiative can prosper if its availability is not guaranteed. As if that were not enough, human health is in danger when it is scarce or contaminated. The formulation of a national water policy is an urgent task for the new government. It is ridiculous to pretend that the water of the Panamanian rivers can be conserved and used in a sustainable way, without the accompaniment of the strict conservation of the forests and protected areas of the country. The outdated mentality that development involves cutting down trees to cover soils with cement has exacerbated the Panamanian dilemma: excessive abundance of water during one part of the year and extreme scarcity in the other -LA PRENSA, May 13

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