OPINION: Who you know rules

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The General Directorate of Administrative Career has suspended the contests for those career positions that were vacant. This implies that the personnel required will be appointed interim. This is the most recent chapter of the sad saga of the administrative career that became law 25 years ago. Since then, each government fires the collaborators that the previous administration appointed.. After tens of thousands of dismissals and appointments, the outgoing government races to incorporate its officials to it. If the administrative, judicial and diplomatic career was in place,, the government would be more efficient. There are nations in which even state ministers are career officials and that is why they are among the highly competitive and developed countries of the world. In contrast, in Panama, the political parties do not want to implement it, because they would lose power, and the unions reject it because they seek to negotiate spaces. In addition, a large number of citizens, victim of clientelism, does not aspire to have the most capable in government, but prefers to have a buddy. What a great tragedy! -LA PRENSA.- July 11.


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The civil service cycle continues. The first year positions are empty, the second year people try to figure out what to do, the third they start to understand the roles and rules, the fourth they don't like the rules or the job so they make up their own, the fifth they know their jobs are going away so they don't care. The third year of an administration gets you the best chance of any bureaucratic "efficiency".

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