OPINION: When Panama justice made a fool of itself

348Views 0Comments Posted 22/07/2021

After playing all his cards, including one last ace up his sleeve of negotiating with the plaintiffs, a move that was only half done, former President Ricardo Martinelli finally appeared before the new process in the case of the telephone jabs.

And as if it were a prelude, this oral trial starts at the juncture of the recently uncovered scandal of the telephone interceptions of tens of thousands of people around the world with the Pegasus technological tool, which was used in Panama during the administration of the prosecuted for the espionage of politicians, union leaders, businessmen, journalists, and individuals.

They say that life gives revenge, and in this case, it has given it twice, not only to correct the mess of the first trial for the punctures done by Martinelli and where the Panamanian justice made a fool of itself locally and internationally. Now we also have the opportunity as citizens to assess the seriousness of this crime, ensure that justice is done, and demand that something like what happened is never repeated in the country. – MI DIARIO, July 22.

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