OPINION: When a satrap oversteps the mark

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The questionable expressions of the lawyer Ronier Ortiz about journalists have provoked a generalized rejection. To say that journalists are murdered for meddling in matters that do not interest them - referring to the long list of reporters who are victims of homicide in Mexico, perpetrated by organized crime - is indescribably base

We understand that a client of yours should pay you very well to defend him in and out of court, but arguing that journalists deserve to be killed reveals just how crooked his judgment is. And since what is on the surface and in the millimeter depth of his thoughts is more emotion than reason, knowing  that what you do is nothing more than incite violence against the media and journalists, even against the very medium in which he delivered his "philosophical" outbursts. His words and attitude are hateful surely infected in that rarefied environment in which he lives. What he wants is the same thing that subjects who do not believe in democracy want, who live at ease by suffocating the rights of third parties. But what he has achieved is that we become aware that our freedoms - including freedom of expression - are not a gift and must always be defended from individuals like him. – LA PRENSA, May 2

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Investigative journalism is the hallmark of every thriving democracy. This attorney, and his corrupt client harken back to the times of Noriega, times which they clearly miss. If there was a true legal system in Panama, at the very least the counsel would be sanctioned for such comments. However he is simply nodded at by most for simply saying the quiet part out loud. Sad. To call himself a lawyer is clearly a misnomer. Just as calling Panama judges by that august title is clearly misplaced.

10 days ago
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