OPINION: Vote  Challenge For The Young

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SOCIAL networks have an enormous potential to do good, especially as an instrument for raising awareness. With this criterion, the Foundation for the Development of Citizen Freedom, the  Panamanian chapter of Transparency International, together with the Embassy of Canada and TVN, have launched the "Vote Challenge 2019" initiative, through which it seeks to motivate young Panamanians so that they can commit to voting on May 5 in a well informed way and with a clear justification of their vote. Currently more than 100 young people have already faced the challenge. Among the main reasons invoked to exercise their vote mention education, environmental causes and garbage. The 2019 Challenge Vote is a direct way to communicate to the new generations the great national concerns and problems, using the voice and image of other young people. The possibilities of facing the fundamental issues of this era, through the Voto Challenge model, should give us hope on the construction of a better future for all Panamanians, and why not, for all the inhabitants of the planet - LA PRENSA, Apl. 12


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