OPINION:  Time to end Martinelli evasion tactics

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Once again, a judge rejects the bail request of former President Ricardo Martinelli. The history of this case began with federal judge Torres, who denied him bail in Miami; then the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States denied him a habeas corpus;Later, Judge Cooke had to cancel the bond she granted, and since he arrived in Panama, the plenum of the Supreme Court of Justice denied him er bail and the change of precautionary measure. Now, in the ordinary justice of the accusatory criminal system, which both the defendant and his lawyers wanted, he is again denied bail because nothing has changed: the man with multiple passports, including the diplomat of Parlacen, the owner of a plane, a  helicopter, a yacht and who knows what other means of transport, must face its process. An innocent would seek to prove it in a quick hearing and without dilatory resources. The former president can do so at his trial hearing on March 12. The delay is his  decision – LA PRENSA, Feb.5


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