OPINION: Theater of the Absurd

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On Monday, the National Assembly Credentials Commission must begin the process of consultation for the ratification of the nine lawyers nominated by the Executive to become principal and alternate magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice. In the recent past, the space for public participation in the Credentials Committee sessions became a court of the inquisition, vitiated and that did not pursue a thorough and analytical examination of those appointed, but their professional and personal humiliation and disqualification . This should not be a reason to prevent the participation of all citizens who want to present their legitimate arguments, for or against the jurists. The ruling alliance should not limit the opportunity we Panamanians have to give their opinion on who will be responsible for justice for the next decade. On this occasion, the theater of the absurd starring spokespersons with controversial denunciations is not foreseen, but the reflective exercise of citizen rights. The Assembly has nothing to lose, and the country much to gain.- LA PRENSA, Nov 30.

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