OPINION: The turn of the citizens

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In the midst of a health emergency that has brought our economy to its knees, the institutional crisis that Panama has been experiencing for decades seems to have bottomed out, and now there are movements that seek not only to reform the current Constitution, but even to convene a constituent assembly to make a new one.  And while this latest movement takes shape, citizens continue to send proposals for constitutional reforms to the Ágora platform, which to date total 472, although eventually, this number may vary. These activities make it clear to us that citizens are fed up with misgovernment, with a lack of credibility, with increasingly weak institutions or with political castes that are above popular power.

The movements that seek to create or modify the Constitution seek to end the concentration of power in the different organs of the State or with the privileges of the deputies and other high officials. The last three governments, including the current one, have promised constitutional reforms that have not come to fruition. Now it is the turn of the citizens. LA PRENSA, Apr. 4



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George Klk

Panama: Constitution Reform Begins with Police Reform. Police state is under the control of cattle herder president Cortizo. Police state will crack down on any peaceful protests. Peaceful protest crackdown kills constructive time for a Panama Constitution Reform. Police state must be exposed by gathering their identity and wealthy residence locations. Police state must be tracked as peaceful protesters will be effectively dealt brutal suppressions. Panama must learn effective strategies to reduce future violence from brutal police tactics. Panama is under president Cortizo police military control for future Marshall law...dictatorship. President Cortizo cannot and should not be underestimated for his ambitious...power grab. Panama will continue to lose massive state funds, especially in their excusable... re-election campaign with self-enrichments. Panama may need to harness self-defense, effective, harmless strategies to deal with Cortizo. President Cortizo has made himself the enemy of Panama by his own... omissions, derelict of duties and complicities.

17 days ago
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