OPINION: The rush to join a “den of thieves”

MOTHER and son seeking refuge

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Who wants to be a member of a disqualified entity, highly questioned and that was called "a den of thieves” Apparently there are many interested. To be a candidate for Deputy for the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), political parties need only may submit a list of 40 names, 20 for principals and 20 for alternates. These candidacies are not subject to the primaries, they are the result of a decision of the leadership of each party. For example, Cambio Democrático (CD) has included the former first lady Marta Linares de Martinelli as a substitute candidate for a deputation before the Parlacen, while her son Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares, currently awaiting an immigration trial in the United States, is also on the list. Other names include the deputy chairman of the Alliance party, José Muñoz, his daughter Jackeline; and Kristelle Getzler, wife of the former Minister of Economy and Finance Frank De Lima. The only application to the Parlacen grants electoral immunity penalty to the candidates, which paralyzes any new investigation or judicial proceeding without prior authorization from the Electoral Tribunal. Those that reach the Parlacen, can only be investigated and judged by the Supreme Court of Justice. Who could believe that these shields were not part of the reasons for these candidacies?-LA PRENSA Feb. 9

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