OPINION: The payback  of “innocence"

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There are three people who made history this year ... and continue to make it: the "judges" Roberto Tejeira , Arlene Caballero and Raúl Vergara . This week they have been able to contemplate the result of their decision. They saw what no one else could: innocence. They searched  and searched, buried under 10 meters of stinky and disgusting mud, in which they wallowed to locate it, they said they had found it.

It was tiny, microscopic macro, but they, endowed with the best vision of Panama, found it. And they showed it to the public light, but we, almost blind mortals, still didn't see it. They said it was there, and no matter how hard they tried to describe the star between their fingers, our blindness prevented us from seeing the bright glow of the supposed gem. On the other hand, what has shone this week is what we never stopped seeing. But now it is brutally dazzling.

Tejeira, Caballero and Vergara must now be blind from the radiance they never discovered. Where they saw innocence, we clearly saw guilt. And it turned out that it wasn't that we were blind, nor were they. What they did was close their eyes and jump into the void describing a nonexistent innocence. The monster they described as someone blameless has spat in their faces. He has left them a whippersnapper a shame of justice.

It was about time. His client was eaten by the hunger for revenge. And with gross lies he went out to destroy his enemy. He left him naked, as he left his other victims who expected justice from the courts. Useless wait. They turned off the only light - dim and weak - that illuminated the victims: hope.

The author of revenge served the feast wearing the same disguise - as innocent - with which he went to that farce that his lawyers called trial. It was like watching a mouse pretending to be a rabbit. Now he did the same. He dressed as a skunk, optimistic that his foul smell was not recognized. But the infamy of his attacks bear his signature: the foul smell of his pathetic cowardice.

To realize revenge in such a public and cynical way one must be sure that, whatever happens, it will go unpunished. Friendship, fear (that the perpetrator has a few recordings or chats ) or the stamped portrait of some presidents of the United States (for which some feel the purest and true love) serves .

I wonder what the next act is. A site with the chat of your enemies? By the way, who could feel safe in his circle, if he recorded enemies and friends, just in case a betrayal. The "innocent" is sick, but not of the heart. It is his vomiting vices that have him spoiled. If you are nosey parker or gossiper . You may be offered a therapy that helps you overcome your serious and growing problems.- Spicy Saturday LA PRENSA Nov 9

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