OPINION: The Ministry of Public Disaster

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What happened with the abbreviated tender that the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) called two years ago to repair a landslide in the province of Coclé is a manual for doing things wrong.

The public act by invitation seems to have been only a formality to fill the requirements of the law since the documents show that the beneficiary company was chosen before it even presented its financial offer; overnight, the work went from costing $1.3 million to $6.3 million; the public act was granted to a company whose owners are donors to the current president's presidential campaign; There was no evaluation committee, but the company was chosen by a single official; a year in advance, there were warnings that a landslide could occur, This is why the processing of a change in the contract of the company responsible for the works was pending, but it was never executed.

In short, it is clear that the current MOP administration does not even serve to patch up the streets; the way the ministry is managed is a complete disaster, but the president, who seems to have irrevocable commitments to some members of his cabinet, does not hear, does not see or is unable to make decisions. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 9

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Oh ya

The way bids should be done is inform all bidders that the high and low bid will be thrown out before the bid process starts . Then inform them there will be no cost overruns unless those asking for the bid make changes part way through the repair. And enough money is held back to get someone else to finish it if the original bidders fails to get it done

28 days ago
George Klk

Panama: President Cortizo is Complicit to all Sorts of Global National Securities. Panama presidents like Cortizo, Varela and Martinelli are controlled by money and elections. Foreign nations with high tech spy equipment, rigged voting machines and cold cash donations can take total control of a Country like Panama and the laws does not apply because the foreign donations get around the laws. This is why China with its wiggly noodle $50 million restaurant can be extremely detrimental once the decision is made when the time is right for their code '666' brand on the skin of... HUMAN - CATTLE... by the cattle rancher Panama president Cortizo! Strange coincidence, right? Panama does not have a chance in... [HELL]... to fight this advanced high-tech China corruption and the United States lets it... ALL... happen. The United Kingdom caught the security flaws with China's Huawei Devices, what a coincidence! The '666' mark will be noticeable just like the mask worn to protect us from... Covid-19. Globally... 100's thousand dead in the U.S.A. and now, misinformation from the former... Trump administration by supposed famous doctors, Trump never gives up his nutty ploys from the Jerry Lewis nutty professor movie drama. What the world need now is a... Trump vaccine to stop believing his LIES!!!

29 days ago
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